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Since 1986, we have been respected, leading practitioners in the following areas:


Our expert has the experience, knowledge, and credentials to provide objective, thorough evaluations in matters related to personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, marital dissolution, employment law, Social Security, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

RSA is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards in providing vocational rehabilitation expert and life care planning services at the request of New England’s legal community, insurers, and governmental agencies.


What People are Saying

Vermont Attorney – Workers Compensation Cases

Jack Bopp embodies the best traits of an expert witness. He is responsive. He is highly knowledgeable with a deep reservoir of experience from which to draw. He reviews all materials sent him. He develops well-grounded expert opinions. He stands up well to examination by opposing counsel. When Jack offers a helpful opinion the strength and value of your case markedly increases. I have known Jack for over 20 years. His work for me has always been of the highest quality and he is a true pleasure to work with.

“Another successful experience”

I have used RSA and Jack Bopp on 2 significant cases involving 7-8 figure life care plans.The RSA team was able to analyze my opponents’ plans, and identify areas of weakness and areas that were not susceptible to attack. This analysis provided my trial team with information necessary to successfully meet the needs of the injured party and resolve the cases at figures that which would not have been possible absent the involvement of RSA. RSA is at the top of my list for future life care plan analysis and development.

Vocational Rehabilitation Client, New Hampshire

I am living on the shores of Lake Superior outside of Marquette Mi. Just retired from Respiratory Therapist after 24 years.I want to thank you for everything you did for me. Because of you I got into a profession that allowed me to really make a difference in a lot of folks lives.I worked with some truly wonderful folks. Not bad for a broken down alcoholic (30 years sober) with a bad knee. If you have ever wondered if you have made any difference in this world rest assured you have. Thank you for seeing and believing in me.

Vermont Attorney- Medical Malpractice Cases

Mr. Bopp recently helped our seriously burned plaintiff develop a return to work plan and a detailed life care plan for future medical expenses. He worked closely with our economist to develop lost future earnings data. These three superior products allowed us to document client losses for settlement and trial. Mr. Bopp meets his deadlines. His rapport with my client was excellent. His ability to access and obtain information from busy medical professionals is of great value to lawyers and clients. Plus, he is a pleasure to work with.

New Hampshire Attorney – Personal Injury Cases

Jack Bopp does excellent work. He cares about people and their needs. I have seen his reports commented upon favorably by medical experts. Jack understands the practical problems people with injuries face in finding and maintaining employment in the modern, competitive workplace. His strong sense of integrity is at the core of all he does, making him a pleasure to work with.

New Hampshire Attorney-Social Security Disability Cases

Over the past thirty years, I have worked with dozens of expert witnesses. Jack Bopp stands out as one of the best. His testimony is so fair and well-grounded that it is difficult, if not impossible, to effectively cross-examine him or impeach his testimony. He gets work done on time, with grace and good humor. His wealth of real-world experience gives him a maturity that is often lacking in experts from academic backgrounds. I endorse his work as an expert witness wholeheartedly and without reservation.


Our firm has performed hundreds of economic loss evaluations involving vocational issues over the past thirty-five plus years. Jack has provided thorough and thoughtful vocational analyses for many of those cases. His attention to detail and ability to comprehend the subject’s circumstances creates a clear and consistent expert opinion for our economists in the calculation of economic damages. The work Jack does in the field of vocational rehabilitation is professional and reliable.

Vermont Attorney-Medical Malpractice Cases

Jack Bopp is a pleasure to work with. Most recently, he provided me with an extremely thorough life care plan for my client suffering from cauda equina syndrome. He met with the family for several hours (driving through one of the worst snow storms we had last winter). He was able to get a thorough understanding of home renovation requirements based on current and potential future physical limitations. Included in his detailed plan were allocations for physical and mental health care. He worked with the physiatrist to insure that nothing was left out. Jack is extremely responsive, and genuinely cares for the clients he works with.

Vocational Rehabilitation Client, New Hampshire

Almost twenty years ago, I ruptured 2 discs in my back and the neurosurgeon said I would be unable to return to the type of work I was doing. I had not been to college so what was I to do? Thank goodness the rehabilitation counselor assigned to me was Jack Bopp! He was able to see my potential. He arranged for job testing and when he found out I had always been interested in numbers, he encouraged me to check out accounting programs at local 2 year colleges. Not only did I get my associates degree, but my bachelor’s and am now a CPA. If it wasn’t for the creativity, skill, kindness and encouragement of Jack, I don’t know where I would be now. He helped me turn a negative situation into a positive one, largely because of his vision and support way back then. My wife says ‘he was the catalyst that got the ball rolling to help make me a functional and producing member of society again. For that, we both will forever be grateful.

New Hampshire Attorney – Personal Injury Cases

During more than 20 years in private practice, I have had the privilege of working with Jack Bopp in countless cases. Jack’s opinions about the nature and extent of the injuries sustained (including life care plans) have helped me in workers compensation, products, and personal injury cases. He is thorough and creative, and never reluctant to correct my misimpression before I head in the wrong direction. Clients uniformly appreciate Jack’s involvement in cases. One of the things I appreciate most is that Jack always gives me the unvarnished truth whether it supports the case or not. He often directs me to economists or medical experts when those are necessary to provide us with the strongest possible team. And once Jack has developed an opinion, he is a formidable witness. I never hesitate to recommend Jack when a colleague asks for a reference.

Maine Attorney – Medical Malpractice Cases

Our first case together involved a catastrophic birth injury; your testimony at trial was one factor accounting for the largest verdict ever returned in a malpractice case in Maine. Since 2001, we have worked on a series of catastrophic injury cases. Although we have not had to return to trial, you work has been impeccable in every instance.

I am writing this letter for the same reason I have frequently given your name to other lawyers over the phone: quite simply, in my experience, you are the most competent and professional life care planner with whom I have worked.

New Hampshire Attorney-Workers Compensation Cases

Jack is easy to work with and takes the time to really get to know his clients. On the last case we worked together on the client was very anxious about the process, but quickly became very comfortable with Jack. Jack prepared a thorough report that was fully supported by the evidence. At hearing, Jack was a strong witness, and again able to back up each of his opinions. He also assisted in helping me understand the weaknesses in the report and testimony of the opposing expert. I would not hesitate to use Jack again in the future.

Massachusetts Attorney – Workers Compensation Case

I had the pleasure of working with Jack Bopp on behalf of a client who sustained very serious injuries at work. We met with Jack at his office, and he took the time necessary to get to know the work background of my client, the extent of his medical injuries and treatment, and assess his work capacity. Jack’s expert advice and detailed report helped me to obtain a just result for the client in a workers compensation case where the insurer was contesting the extent of disability. I highly recommend Jack, as he was very easy to work with, detail oriented and thorough. I hope to work with Jack in the future on behalf of my clients.